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eLearning is the use of electronic media, educational technology and information and communication technologies in education. eLearning can occur in or out of a classroom. It can be self-paced or may be instructor led. eLearning is suited to distance learning and flexible learning, but it can also be used in conjunction with face-to-face teaching.

JP Guru is a not for profit association where Terry devotes his services to design, develop, and implement cost effective on-line Learning Management Systems. Customers include: Royal Association of Justices of South Australia, Legacy Adelaide, NSW Justices Association, JP Training Organisation, Australasian Council of Justices Associations, and of course JP Guru. 

Contact JP Guru if you would like to know how to get started, have course material prepared ready to go on-line, design your LMS from scratch or recommend improvements to your existing system.

Popular Services

Create amazing on-line learning systems

Using an open source app called Moodle, design and implement on-line learning management systems that you can then manage yourself if you choose. 


Create engaging websites suitable for personal or business needs. Will also register and host your domain if needed. 

course material

Develop training courses for on-line and/or classroom presentations.

Recent Projects

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Terry obviously has an excellent understanding of pedagogy and competency based instruction ...  

- Professor David Battersby PhD
- Dr Kennece Coombe PhD

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RAJSA Website

Created and maintains website for the Royal Association of Justices of Sth Australia. Uses a combination of webpages and cloud storage so that members can update specific elements of their website just by uploading documents to cloud storage. No knowledge of web applications needed.

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ACJA Accredited

Developed a Justice of the Peace assessment system so that members of the Australasian Council of Justices Associations may log in, take an online assessment of JP knowledge and receive recognition and a certificate if they attain a pass grade.

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