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Know the stars

Keen on astronomy since the age of twelve, Terry focuses his efforts on variable stars and astro-imaging. He is a member, since 1974 and (more recently) historian, of the Astronomical Society of South Australia, and is lucky enough to have a purpose built observatory in the back yard.

He is a founding member of The Heights School Observatory since 1989.

Also an avid volunteer assisting the Desert Fireball Network.

Image of the region around Antares. August 2018. 60 minute exposure, LRGB filters.

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M31 Andromeda Galaxy. Feb 2019. Five minute exposure with luminace filter.

Tarantula Nebula
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Tarantula nebula. May 2014. Ninety seconds exposure. Nikon D800.

Omega Centauri
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Omega Centauri globular cluster. May 2014. Thirty eight seconds exposure. Nikon D800.

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Built in 2014. Houses an Orion 110mm f6 refractor

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